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All hair used in extensions at Scissors is of the highest grade and quality, ethically sourced from some of the leading hair suppliers: Platinum, Slavic Hair and Elite.

Hand-selected and cuticle retained, our hair is specifically processed to ensure that the protective layer of the cuticle remains intact and faces the same direction from root to tip. This ensures natural shine and vitality, allowing the hair to behave tangle-free throughout its lifetime.

We are truly independent and can source hair that is most suitable for you, selecting from the finest Italian or Slavic hair, matching the type needed to your exact requirements.

This hair comes in a variety of natural remy shades and its complete length can be from 18” up to 22" (24 and longer length available by special request) once applied and is the same thickness from root to tip.

This hair is ideal for long-term use and has undergone gentle processing to ensure that its quality remains even when styling tools are used on the hair.

If you have any questions - don't hesitate! Call us on: 089 60 63 188

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