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How to look after your hair extensions...How to keep your longer

Hair Extensions looking as good as possible for as long as possible.

Although we choose to only specialize in micro rings Hair Extensions, this guide can be used for all methods.

There are a few simple guidelines to help you.


There are a few simple guidelines to help you.

  • Secure the hair with one-hand whilst detangling


  • Always brush the ends first+work upwards


  • We recommend you brush the scalp at least twice a day to keep your extensions clean at the root area


  • Brush your hair extensions before you wash or have a chemical service (ie. color etc)


  • When shampooing your hair work vertically not horizontaly, this will create less tangles


  • Only condition the hair from ponytail down and avoid root area and where the locks are. However you can be quite generous with conditioner on extensions hair


  • Always use eave-in conditioner on ends to keep extensions looking silky


  • Only use products advised by your certified stylist. This will maximize your result and sustain the high uality of the hair


  • Gather your hair into a loose side ponytail or loose braid whilst sleeping to avoid tangling at night


  • Avoid tight up-do's or ponytails for the first days of hair extensions appliction


  • While swimming always tie your hair in a ponytail or braid and apply conditioner to the hair act as barrier against harmful chlorine, salt etc. Always shampoo the hair with clear watr immidietely after swimming and detangle as normal


  • Only wash your extensions with silicone, sulphate free shampoo.

  • Don't go to bed with wet hair


  • Don't condition the scalp area with conditioner


  • Don't wash upside down and avoid circular motions when shampooing


  • Don't attempt to maintenance your extensions yourself. Any issues leave to professionals


  • Don't leave your extensions in for longer than 3 months or 10 weeks if the natural hair is fine. If extensions are left in for longer than recommended time some damage may occur


  • Don't use ANY hot tools on your extensions without protecting the hair with protecting oil


  • Don't use ANY bleach for hair extensions colouring


  • Don't brush your extensions while hair are wet.

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