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Get your


Hair Extensions are the perfect way to create a completely new look in just a few hours.

Adding length, volume and colour will give you the hair you have always wanted.

If you want beautiful, glamourous, luxurious hair.

Hair Extensions may be the answer for you.

Visit our salon - consultations are free and clients can have the opportunity to discuss

which extension technique is best suited for their hair and life style.


We offer a free no obligation consultation to help you decide

if having hair extensions is right for you.

Call us on: 089 60 63 188 or book your consultation appointments online. Usually take between 15-30 minutes


All of  hair extension appointments come with comprehensive consultation completely free from obligation or charge.

During your free consultation a full and final price will be provided so you know exactly how much your extensions are going to cost. 

Simple pricing as well as providing here -

 full cost during your free consultation.


The hair in our hair extensions is the finest Remy Italian and Slavic tangle free, cuticle hair of the highest quality. Our Hair extensions come in wide variety of colours including mixed shades, ombre and balayage.


We offer Micro ring and keratin bonds hair extensions

( also pre bonded hair extensions,

micro loop hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions )

are the quickest, most natural looking, pain-free and least damaging available on the market today.

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