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New in Scissors - Nanoplasty

NANOPLASTY – Welcome to the new era of Hair Straightening and Regeneration!

Nanoplasty is an innovative, permanent hair straightening treatment. It leaves hair deeply moisturized, regenerated, healthy, shiny, and perfectly straight for up to 12 months.

Why choose Nanoplasty?

• Guarantee of straightening and type of hair, any colour, and any type of curl

• Nanoplasty leaves hair flexible, healthy, smooth, and most importantly deeply regenerated

and straight, even for a year,

• Reduces frizz and heals the hair inside out,

• Fully vegan and cruelty-free composition makes the treatment safe for any client including

pregnant women and children

• Does not irritate the eyes or respiratory system.

Call: 0896063188 or pm

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