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Each person is individual.

Hair Extensions Prices are based on the thickness, density and length of the person's hair and the appearance and length the client would like to achieve.

The natural hair of the client will decide what the client needs.

The exact price will be determined during the consultation along with the color matching and customer needs.

The price includes cutting and blending for the final look.

Hair is ordered specifically for individual orders, therefore a 50% deposit is required before ordering hair.

Approximate prices in total including cutting and mixing depending on how many hair extensions will be needed to get the look you want.

Call 0896063188 to book a free consultation.

Micro Rings / Keratin Bonds
1/2 HEAD 
Ideal for fine hair or just to
add a little thickness
  50-75 Strands

Micro Rings / Keratin bonds
3 / 4 HEAD 
Great form medium thickness hair types wanting lenght
60-100 Strands

Micro Rings / Keratin Bonds
For those waiting a many of year
with medium to thick hair
100-125 Strands 

The hair in our micro rings and keratin bonds hair extensions are the finest

Platinum and Slavic Hair Extensions, single or double-drawn, cuticle hair of the highest quality.

We do not use animal fib