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At Scissors Salon, we offer a wide range of treatments for all hair types and conditions

and will help you to select a treatment that’s right for you.

Whatever the style you choose you can rest assured we can advise you on a set of professional products that work for your unique look and individual hair needs.

OLAPLEX BOND MULTIPLER                           

TREATMENT STAND ALONE                                                from €30

SERIE EXPERT           

POWER DOSE TREATMENT                                                  from €15

PRO FIBER                                                           

HAIR TREATMENT                                                                  from €20

ABSOLUT LIPIDUM                                               

HAIR TREATMENT                                                                  from €15

HAIR BOTOX GOLDEN/PEARL  Diana Beauty                       from €75

HAIR BOTOX ORGANIC/PLATINIUM Diana Beauty                from €90                                          

INTENSIVE REGENERATION                       

SAUNA STEAM TREATMENT                                                  from €25

  • DOES NOT INCLUDE A CUT AND FINISH (not apply to Botox services)

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